[Infographic] Cyber Attacks Hit the Street – Ponemon Survey Results for Financial Services

According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, Intelligence Driven Cyber Defense, sponsored by Lockheed Martin, 46% of financial services stakeholders consider cyber threats the number one risk to the global economy.

The survey also revealed the most significant factors affecting cybersecurity in financial services, including how the threat landscape is shifting, top perceived threats, FS challenges to address and tips for improving your cyber defenses.

Using survey results, Lockheed Martin has created an in-depth infographic laying out compelling statistics and tips to help promote successful cybersecurity techniques within financial services organizations. Results of the survey revealed an urgent need for education, direction and action.

Check out our infographic below to get the full results of the survey. For a comprehensive guide to Cybersecurity for Financial Services Firms, download our FS e-book. In this guide, you’ll better understand the face of today’s cybercriminals, the threats FS organizations fear most, what’s at risk, and how you can protect your firm.

[Infographic] Cyber Attacks Hit the Street

Original Post: http://cyber.lockheedmartin.com/blog/infographic-cyber-attacks-hit-the-street-ponemon-survey-results-for-financial-services


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