What is GlassWire ?
GlassWire is new free firewall software for Windows that helps protect your computer from hackers by visualizing your network activity.  The software isn’t an antivirus but instead it acts as additional protection that works with your current security suite.


What is does and how it works?
GlassWire works by visualizing all your network activity on an easy to understand graph.  You can then filter your network activity by applications or traffic types.  If you see an unknown spike on the graph you can click it to see what host and application caused the spike.  GlassWire automatically resolves the IP address so it’s easier to figure out who or what your computer is communicating with.  Hopefully it’s not a botnet!


Will this software keep you safe from hackers and malware ?
The software also has built in security features like ARP spoofing detection, unexpected DNS changes, network system file monitoring, suspicious host warnings and much more.  If you see a connection that you don’t like GlassWire’s free firewall allows you to block the connection.  GlassWire is only a few months old but it has already found malware that a GlassWire user’s antivirus couldn’t detect.


GlassWire is still in beta and it does use a lot of memory in some cases for users who use applications with lots of network connections like Bittorrent but the GlassWire team says resource usage improvement is their top priority.


Will GlassWire reduce my internet speed ?
If you’re worried about using too much bandwidth GlassWire can help you figure out what apps or processes are wasting your bandwidth.  You can also use the GlassWIre “Usage” tab to get an alert before you hit a certain amount of bandwidth from your computer if you have a limit with your ISP.  GlassWire can only see the bandwidth on one device though and not your entire network.


GlassWire can also monitor remote servers.  It’s useful to watch your gaming or work servers to see what they are doing when you’re away.  GlassWire’s network activity graph allows you to see your network activity up to 30 days in the past.


How Can Glasswire be free ?
Download GlassWire for free at but please remember it’s still in beta.  The GlassWire team would appreciate your feedback so they can improve the software and make it more useful for everyone.  Currently the software is free but they said they plan to have a paid version in the future with more features.

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